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Our Principal Engineer's Resumé

To answer the essential question, “Why choose us?” we enumerate our firm’s attributes which we feel set us apart. We strive to price our services so as to represent the best value in direct, initial costs to you, the client. Beyond that, the focus is to achieve the best value in the final, engineered solution. Best value means careful attention to detail, extra care in every step of the field evaluation, engineering and geologic analyses, and addressing the project’s needs fully, without unnecessary or excessive measures, in the recommendations we provide.

First, our principal engineer has the right combination of education, experience and skills to perform geotechnical engineering and forensic evaluations of sinkholes and other earth movement problems. He is qualified, both by experience and licensure, as a geotechnical and structural engineer. He personally performs each initial site visit, and then personally authors and signs each report. He issues reports that address specifically every known and pertinent aspect of the problem at hand, along with engineered solutions which are fully consistent with the standards of care of the geotechnical engineering profession.

Next, we employ a registered senior-level geologist in our studies; specifically, geophysical (electrical resistivity/GPR) services and other tasks, as necessary. The equipment employed in his evaluations is state-of-the-art, using the latest investigative and analytical equipment, and employing computerized evaluation techniques. The reports are, at once, appropriately concise yet exceptionally thorough.

Next, our drilling services are performed by a minority business enterprise (MBE) drilling company working under the direct supervision of an engineer. This MBE drilling company employs an innovative drilling rig, which represents a breakthrough in several ways. The rig has far more power than typical “backyard” rigs, being able to drill 150 or even 200 feet deep. The rig employs all-wheel drive with large turf-friendly rubber tires to minimize damage to lawns. Lastly, the rig can pass through 3-foot wide garden gates for unequalled access to confined areas.

Next, our in-house soils laboratory performs tests under the direct supervision of a geotechnical engineer. A limited number of laboratory tests gives credibility to reports which would otherwise be lacking. Even so, the cost of the laboratory tests is typically very low. We employ tests of two to three soil samples as a minimum, in each evaluation we perform, for this reason.

Finally, our services represent the best possible value for our clients. The completed work also provides extra value down the road, as we have experienced a near-zero rate for “callbacks” with problems or concerns after project completion.

In addition to typical project assignments, we also can serve in other capacities, depending on the client’s needs. In performing third-party reviews of forensic and engineering studies by others, we form our own conclusions and recommendations, based on the previous data and incorporating additional site explorations, where appropriate. Should the need arise, we also serve our clients in litigated matters, through depositions, expert witness testimony and case preparation services.

Our firm has enjoyed tremendous stability with our clients, typically continuing in our service to them for many years. Here is our list of client insurance companies and independent adjusters we have served since 1999, when our consulting firm was formed, to the present time:

1. Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

2. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

3. State Farm Insurance Company

4. Allstate Floridian Insurance Company

5. Safeco Insurance Company of America

6. Capitol Preferred Insurance Company/Southern Fidelity Insurance Co.

7. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

8. Tower Hill Insurance Group

9. Claim Solution Services, Inc.

10. Cooperativa de Seguros Mutiples de Puerto Rico, Inc./ICS Claim Services, Inc.

11. Sunshine State Insurance Company

12. IMS Claim Services, Inc.

13. Gill Consulting, Inc.

14. American General Insurance Co.

15. Westinghouse Insurance Co.

16. Omaha Property & Casualty Insurance Co.

17. Crawford & Company

18. Colonial Penn Insurance Co.

19. Security First Insurance Co.

In summary, it is the combination of these attributes into a complete package—experience, qualifications, skills, and state-of-the-art equipment—which sets our services apart. From all of our clients, we have completed over 2,200 assignments on sinkhole-related matters.

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